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Confined to Wheelchair, Kung Fu Master Defies Gravity on Water

Much like the stereotype ‘Asians know martial arts’, 28-year-old Chen Li Wei is no exception. In fact, he’s been training Kung Fu at the Shaolin temple ever since he was a kid.

With a dream of becoming a martial artist, he trained day and night – even promising his father that he will one day see his only son on the big screen.

However, at the height of his abilities, his dream was terribly shattered. By then, Li Wei already had the legs of a 70-year-old!

Pushing himself too hard, his legs stopped working like they were supposed to leaving him wheelchair-bound and in excruciating pain. That’s the result of over practicing Kung Fu for more than 20 years.

Devastated, Li Wei tried every way imaginable to get back on his feet but unfortunately, no amount of painkillers or physiotherapy could reverse the damage.

Just When He Thought Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse…

Unable to study Kung Fu anymore, he was forced to leave Shaolin temple and return home to his family in a time where he needs them the most. However, his father died a sudden death shortly after due to a heart attack.

The thought of not fulfilling his promise to his late father sank him in a deep state of depression. At the funeral, Li Wei barely held it together. This caught the attention of a man who tapped him on his shoulder.

He looked over and saw his father’s old friend who came to pay his last respects. Li Wei was surprised that this elderly man was still walking strong. After all, he’s been practicing Kung Fu too but for well over 60 years. This prompted Li Wei to ask:

“You’re more than twice my age yet strong and healthy while I’m in a wheelchair.”

“What’s your secret?”

– Li Wei

Zhang Yong then replied:

“Believe it or not, this is the cure you’ve been looking for.”

“It’s called Eiinsole™ – just slip it in the base of your shoes and you’re good to go.”

“It’s as easy as that.”

“I’ve been using it for years now, giving me the freedom to do the things I love again.”

– Zhang Yong

Li Wei was skeptical. He thought to himself, “How could a silly piece of silicone be the answer to his long-term pain?” So, he decided to do some research about the Eiinsole™. Turns out, there were plenty of scientific evidence that confirmed the credibility of these shoe inserts.

A Scientific Revelation Made By Renowned Podiatrist, Dr. Maguire

An article by Dr. Maguire explained that the feet are the foundation of our body. They support our entire body weight, balance us and absorb walking stresses.

However, our feet are also the most overlooked part of the human body. That’s why 3 out of 4 people’s feet aren’t properly supported. Especially when it comes to doing sports that heavily rely on our feet, the lack of proper support on the sole of our feet can be detrimental to our health.

This affects our ability to stand, walk or do arrange of feet motions overtime and just like a building, without a proper foundation, it’ll collapse.

That’s where the Eiinsole™ come into play. Insoles for our feet work much like braces for our teeth. They apply pressure to targeted areas to reshape and realign our feet into the perfect anatomical position.

The Eiinsole™ combine the ancient practice of reflexology with new age technologies. Each Eiinsole™ comes with 400 precisely placed acupoints that presses against the sole of our foot, acting as a firm cushion support while redistributing the weight across the rest of the foot.

This helps promote pain relief and blood circulation through its gentle yet effective stimulation. Thus, forming a solid foundation once again.

On top of that, each pressure point is linked to different parts of our body. So, not only will foot pains subside overtime but our overall health will significantly improve.

With Nothing To Lose, Li Wei Ordered Himself A Pair And Prayed Hard For A Miracle

Indeed, day by day, he saw an improvement. Soon, he found himself able to stand without any pain. He then practiced walking and was gradually able to do so with minimal help. Li Wei eventually no longer needed a wheelchair.

Slowly, he got back into Kung Fu. This time around, he was stronger than ever, performing incredible stunts like never before! Jumping on water, walking on air and running on walls are some of his specialties.

The Eiinsole™ Receives Li Wei’s Seal Of Approval

Li Wei is now a successful stunt double and is looking forward to star in his first blockbuster movie this coming June. He vows to wear the Eiinsole™ every day on set as they never fail to give him the boost he needs to perform gravity-defying stunts.

Here’s what Li Wei had to say about these incredible Eiinsole™ in a recent interview:

“These Einsoles™ make me feel on top of the world.”

“Thanks to this, I was given a second chance at life.”

“To think that I almost had to give up my dream when the answer was just in a pair of Einsoles™.”

“If only my father were here to see me now, he would be so proud of me.”

“I’m confident that these Einsoles™ can allow me to practice Kung Fu for decades to come.”

– Li Wei

Within the first 4 months of the launch of Eiinsole™, over 30,000 units were sold! People all around the world are using it to relieve all kinds of pains. Even athletes swear by them to cure body pains that come with every sport.

So go on, let the Eiinsole™ take your pains away. After all, what do you have to lose, besides your pains?