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With Only 2% Brain Function, This Child Became A Language Maestro

July 14, 2023, Sarah Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

Isabelle and her husband were overjoyed when she became pregnant. However, their happiness took a devastating turn during a routine check-up when the doctor delivered the heartbreaking news that their child's life was in danger. Despite the grim circumstances, their daughter, Lucy, defied all odds by fighting for her life, even with only 2% brain function. This remarkable resilience set her apart from other children who couldn't even speak a single word.

A turning point came when a twin visited this remarkable young girl, and after just a week of their interaction, noticeable progress was evident in Lucy's development. Astonishingly, she is now mastering multiple languages and holds the distinction of being the youngest translator who can interpret over 10 languages at the tender age of 4.

What does the twin possess that could bring about such significant changes in Lucy all of a sudden?

Factors in Underdeveloped Brains

The brain, the central organ of the nervous system, is a marvel of complexity and intricacy. It is responsible for processing information, coordinating bodily functions, and enabling various cognitive and behavioral processes. Composed of billions of neurons, the brain forms a vast network of interconnected cells that communicate through electrical and chemical signals.

Underdeveloped brains can occur due to several neurobiological factors. Genetic abnormalities play a significant role, as alterations in specific genes involved in brain development can disrupt the growth and organization of brain structures. These genetic mutations can impact crucial processes such as neuronal proliferation, migration, and the formation of synapses.

Additionally, prenatal and perinatal complications can contribute to underdeveloped brains. Adverse events during pregnancy, such as maternal infections or exposure to harmful substances, can disrupt the delicate process of brain development. Similarly, complications during childbirth, including oxygen deprivation or premature birth, can impede the normal growth and maturation of the brain.

A Natural Wonder of Frankincense

Notes: image of an resin of frankincense

Frankincense, derived from the resin of Boswellia trees, has emerged as a potential solution for addressing underdeveloped brain conditions. Its chemical compounds have shown promising neuroprotective and neuroregenerative properties.

One key compound found in frankincense is incensole acetate. It has been found to enhance neurogenesis, promoting the formation of new neurons in the hippocampus, a brain region crucial for memory and learning (Moussaieff et al., 2012). This compound plays a vital role in supporting brain development by stimulating the growth and maturation of neuronal cells.

Another important compound is boswellic acid, which exhibits anti-inflammatory effects and contributes to neuroprotection. By inhibiting the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, boswellic acid helps reduce neuroinflammation, thereby safeguarding against neuronal damage and promoting overall brain health (Siddiqui et al., 2011).

Furthermore, frankincense contains α-pinene, a compound that has been associated with neuroprotective effects. α-Pinene has been shown to possess antioxidant properties and can help counteract oxidative stress, which is detrimental to brain development. By reducing oxidative damage, α-pinene contributes to the preservation and optimization of brain function.

14 Days Journey Of Unlocking The Memory

Emily K., 72 a vibrant and accomplished grandmother, has always been known for her sharp intellect and vibrant personality. She spent decades working as a respected teacher, inspiring and nurturing young minds. However, as she entered her late 70s, Emily began experiencing the devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease. Her once vibrant memory started to fade, affecting her ability to recognize loved ones, recall cherished memories, and even perform daily tasks. One activity that was greatly affected by her condition was her passion for storytelling. Emily used to captivate her grandchildren with enchanting tales of adventure and imagination, but now, her storytelling sessions became fragmented and confusing, leaving both her and her grandchildren feeling disheartened.

Day 4:

Since Emily's daughter started applying the Frankincense oil to her temples each night, subtle changes began to emerge. On Day 4, during their daily visit, Emily's grandchildren noticed a glimmer of recognition in her eyes as they shared stories from their childhood. Though her storytelling still had gaps, she seemed more engaged and displayed moments of clarity. This brought immense joy and hope to both Emily and her grandchildren, witnessing glimpses of the grandmother they once knew.

Day 9:

As the days passed, Emily's condition continued to show signs of improvement. On Day 9, while sitting in her favorite armchair surrounded by her grandchildren, Emily embarked on a storytelling session that left everyone amazed. Her words flowed more smoothly, and her ability to recall details from cherished stories from the past astonished her family. It was a heartwarming moment as Emily's storytelling prowess began to resurface, bringing back cherished memories and laughter to their lives.

Day 14:

By Day 14, the positive impact of the Frankincense oil on Emily's condition became even more apparent. Not only did her storytelling abilities improve, but her overall cognitive function seemed sharper. In a surprising turn of events, Emily's former colleagues from the teaching community invited her as a guest speaker at an educational conference. With renewed confidence, Emily delivered an inspiring speech, captivating the audience with her wisdom and knowledge.

“I can't thank our friend enough for giving me this Frankincense oil. It's been a total game-changer! Reconnecting with my grandkids and sharing those precious moments, it's like a dream come true. And guess what? I recently had the opportunity to give a speech in front of a crowd. This oil has opened doors I never thought possible. It's truly the best thing that's happened to me in ages. Forever grateful!”

- Emily K., 72