OroZleep™ - Classic Chelsey

Sleep Soundlessly with OroZleep™

Do you wake up feeling tired? Does your partner tell you that you snore loudly? Or does your own snore wake you up?

Sleep apnea affects 22 million people in America. A sleep disorder caused by the obstruction of your breathing passage, thus leading to snoring. If left untreated, it could lead to high blood pressure, heart conditions, stroke, and even sudden cardiac arrest.

There are Many Causes of Snoring, but Only One Effective Solution…

Introducing the OroZleep™, made of fennel essential oil extracted using the CO2 technique that produces higher quality oils compared to traditional methods.

The result is a simple solution that is safe, effective, gentle, and non-invasive. 

Using Fennel Oil for Snoring

Fennel oil has been used since ancient times by the Quechuas, a group of indigenous Andean gold miners who live on the world’s highest town, La Rinconada. In order to survive severely low oxygen levels in mines, workers rely on inhaling the fragrance of fennel oil.

Fennel oil, aromatic with warm and woody undertones, is great for respiratory health. Its strong anti-inflammatory properties will improve your nasal airflow to stop your snoring.

Amazing Benefits:

  • Eliminates snoring
  • Safe, non-invasive, and affordable anti-snoring solution
  • Clears nasal passageway for optimal oxygen intake
  • Decreases time to fall asleep
  • Promotes uninterrupted sleep for you and your partner
  • Improves mood and cognitive abilities

How to use the OroZleep™:

Option 1:

Apply the essential oil directly under your nose before bed. Users with a sensitive nose may dilute the OroZleep™ with a carrier oil.

Option 2:

Apply 1-2 drops of OroZleep™ on your palm and take a few deep inhales of the scent before bed.

Option 3:

Apply 3-5 drops into a diffuser before bed.
Testimonials From Satisfied Customers Who Rated OroZleep™


I'm 45 years old and have been moving to the spare room for pretty much every night of my marriage. I'm fit, not overweight, and don't drink or smoke, so I couldn't figure out why I snored. I thought I'd give this essential oil a go. It is amazing. I can't believe my nose can breathe fresh air. It made such a difference. My husband tells me I do not snore at all with it. Thank you!

Chelsea Wolfe, MI

✔ Verified Purchase


Bought this because apparently, I snore very loudly. After 3 nights of use, I’m told there is no more snoring. Much better than other snoring remedies - those nose or mouth pieces are very nasty. I’m much happier with this. It also doesn’t make me look stupid next to my wife.

Patrick Swenson, MA

✔ Verified Purchase


I gave this to my husband and he fell asleep immediately without a wink of a snore! I was really amazed how powerful this simple solution can be! I can now sleep in peace next to my husband. It also smells really good and immediately relaxes you. At this price, it’s worth a go for anyone who snores!

Jodie Howard, NC

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