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Meet the Torres Family Who Traded Gold and Luck for Something Far More Valuable

Like many of his Inca ancestors, Juan Torres is possessed by gold and fiercely healthy. For 20 years, Juan toils deep inside the gold mines above the world’s highest town, La Rinconada.

Descending into an icy tunnel 17,600 feet up in the Peruvian Andes, the 45-year-old miner dabs an ancient family remedy under his nose to brace himself for dangerously thin air. This ancient remedy is set to transform millions of lives and might just rid the world of pesky snorers.

Waiting For a Stroke of Luck

Juan’s son, Josmell, dreams of becoming a gold miner but his father said no

“Josmell is unusually intelligent, patient, and hardworking,”

“At 12, he studied the mountain until he knew it better than any geologist, any mining engineer.”

“Everyone is waiting for a stroke of luck, but life here is hard.”

“Josmell is destined for much more.”

- Josmell’s father

Always a filial son, Josmell studied hard throughout high school and won a scholarship to study Chemical Engineering at the prestigious MIT.

At MIT, Josmell bested the best of his classmates and won the hearts of many as the President of the Chemical Engineering Student Union.

A Spoke in the Wheels of Fortune

In his final year, the pressure was mounting for Josmell to complete his thesis and fulfill his presidential duties. After months of all-nighters, Josmell started to develop sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that causes loud snoring.

For the first time ever, Josmell was struggling to catch up in class due to decreased memory function and cognitive abilities.

Desperate, Josmell tried various anti-snoring devices, even a CPAP machine, but they were so uncomfortable he couldn’t sleep. As a last resort, Josmell went to see a sleep doctor who advised him to take a year off school. But his family back home was depending on him

One day, he was so exhausted he fell asleep in the middle of class and started snoring loudly!

“I was so embarrassed; it was a new low.”

 “Then my mom called to inform me that my father had gotten into a mining accident,”

“They didn’t have enough money for his medicine.” 


Tragedy Utilized as a Source of Inspiration

“I was worrying about my father when I suddenly remembered how he could breathe inside the mines with 45% less oxygen, where a normal person would suffocate.”

“It all came down to our ancient family remedy.”

“My mom would also rub it under my father’s nose at night to stop his snoring.” 

- Josmell

According to Josmell’s mother, the remedy was a sacred knowledge inherited from her ancestors. A special technique of extracting the elixir from fennel.

After obtaining the recipe, Josmell dove right into his research lab to study it.

Here Is What He Found:

“Fennel has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.”

“It reduces inflammation in the nose and throat to improve the flow of air through nasal passageways.”

“Sleep apnea occurs when a person’s nasal passageways are blocked, and they stop breathing.”

“This leads to snoring,”

“Which leads to low oxygen intake and poor rest.”

“It also increases the risk of sudden cardiac arrest.”

“Fennel also has sedative effects and helps a person relax without disrupting breathing.”

“Even non-snorers with low levels of inflammation can benefit.”

“More oxygen leads to better sleep, health, and performance.”

Josmell Torres

Josmell knew he still needed to modernize the ancient extraction technique, so he spent a few more months in the lab.

The Result is OroZleep™, the Purest Essence of Fennel

Initially, Josmell wasn’t sure if it would work, so he tested it on himself…

That night, he hooked himself to the snoring app SnoreLab and went to sleep…

The next morning, he felt slightly refreshed. His app reported that his snoring went down 60%.

After the 3rd day, he felt energized. His app reported 80% down in snoring.

Within a week, he had completely stopped snoring.

His performance in class skyrocketed. What’s more, he performed even better than before!

Word of Mouth Spread – Hordes of Students Started Asking for his OroZleep™

With top form, Josmell completed his thesis on the respiratory benefits of fennel oil, especially for chronic snoring. He won the John M. Kazan Prize for Outstanding Research.

Upon graduation, and with quite a reputation, Josmell signed a contract with a manufacturing firm to mass produce the OroZleep™.

It Was a Huge Hit With 90,000+ Bottles Sold Worldwide!

Thanks to its low cost, easy application, and comfort. Here are what people are saying:

“After 3 nights, I’m told there is no more snoring. Much better than other snoring remedies.” 

 Patrick Swenson

“I was pleasantly surprised how effective this simple solution can be! Plus, it smells really good and doesn’t make me self-conscious next to my husband. Worth a try for every snorer.” 

 Isla Hart

“I've lived with snoring for many years now, which disrupts sleep. The 1st night I put this under my nose, I slept through the night.” 

-Jefferson Trevino

An End to Suffering

Finally, Josmell could send money home for his father to buy medicine for his accident injuries. Now both his parents can retire and take a break from years of hard labor. Thanks to Josmell, they now live in a newly renovated home with proper heating and clean water.

“We are so proud of our son, he really lived up to our family name.” 

-Josmell’s mother

Snoring can slow down performance and lead to sudden cardiac arrest, so act now before it’s too late. To celebrate the recovery of his father, Josmell is offering a 50% discount for OroZleep™.