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Discover the Ancient Truth behind Egypt’s Most Desired Queen

No other woman in history has caught the imagination of the world like this Pharaoh!

2000 years later, her story continues to inspire art, film and popular culture.

She is none other than Cleopatra! The ruler of Egypt from 51-30BC and its last Pharaoh.

The Original Femme Fatale

Renowned for her beauty, charm and cunning, Cleopatra is considered the quintessential femme-fatale of ancient history.

“Cleopatra came to power during the rise of Roman dominance.”

“So she had to play a delicate game of balance to protect her kingdom from conquest.”

“She did this by charming the two most powerful men in Rome: Caesar and Mark Antony.”

- Prof. Zaheed Abbas, Historian

History’s Greatest Romance

The romance between Cleopatra and these two men have inspired art literature and films to this very day!

“Her power definitely made her desirable.”

“But her own charisma and beauty had Caesar and Antony head over heels for her!”

“Because of this, her physical appearance has been well-recorded.”

“Cleopatra was described as ‘Being brilliant to look upon’, with a figure as slender as a willow tree.”

“Her figure and appearance are depicted from statues to coins and later immortalized thanks to films.”

- Prof. Zaheed Abbas, Historian

Cleopatra’s Enduring Legacy

Bariatrician Dr. Lee Ha Yoon from South Korea has long been fascinated by her story.

“Cleopatra left a huge impact on the modern-day beauty industry.”

“Her name is attached to countless brands and marketing gimmicks like perfumes, eyeliners, face-masks from all over the world! Even here in Korea, her name is used to promote skincare products.”

“What my team and I are really interested in however is Cleopatra’s figure.”

“While she was famous for her beauty, she was equally famous for her lavish feasts!”

“Having hosted the most extravagant meals daily, she even won a wager against Mark Antony on who could hold the most decadent feasts!”

“Even though exercise was not something royal women did, Cleopatra is recorded in history for having a petite figure. Even the Romans who hated her acknowledge this.”

“I’m sure there had to be something behind her fine figure.”

Ha Yoon- Dr. Lee

A Gift From The Goddess

Though her tomb is lost to history, extensive records of Cleopatra’s life remain. Working with local scholars, Dr. Lee and her team were able to study her life in detail.

This is what they found:

“Ancient papyrus scrolls by Cleopatra’s physicians state that her servants prepared a mixture of fennel seeds and lentils which she rubbed all over her body every night.”

“Cleopatra reportedly described the mixture as a gift from the goddess Isis and that it freed her from the impurities of daily life.”

“Allowing her to maintain her otherworldly beauty and figure.”

- Dr. Lee Ha Yoon

To find out, Dr. Lee and her team recreated the mixture and tried it for themselves, and the results astounded them!

Dr. Lee and her team reported losing an average of 15lbs in 1 month!

Uncovering The Goddess’ Gift

Intrigued by this, they brought the mixture back to their lab for in-depth testing. And this is what they found:

“Fennel seeds have diuretic properties which remove toxins from the body and reduce fat storage through boosting vitamin and mineral absorption.”

“Fennel seeds are also rich in antioxidants like phosphorus, selenium and zinc. These protect the body from oxidative stress which prevents obesity.”

“Whereas the fiber-rich lentils slow digestion resulting in you feeling fuller for longer periods.”

- Dr. Lee Ha Yoon

An Ancient Medical Breakthrough

Apart from the mixture, what Dr. Lee found to be medically groundbreaking especially for that era, was that they applied it topically rather than consume it orally.

“By rubbing this paste directly onto the body, it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the skin, bypassing the body’s digestive system for maximum effectiveness, stimulating the breakdown of adipose fat and cellulite.” “Making this way of application more effective.”

- Dr. Lee Ha Yoon

An Ancient Solution To A Modern Problem

Dr. Lee saw the potential this discovery had to help people.

“Obesity is a serious health issue globally.”

“Nearly 2 billion people in the world are overweight. Out of this number, 650 million are obese.”

“This is because of a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.”

“To make matters worse, since most people have hectic schedules, they forget to take the time to properly care for themselves.”

- Dr. Lee Ha Yoon

The Creation Of Cleora™

With this in mind, Dr. Lee and her team designed a patch using the latest technology containing the goodness of fennel and lentils.

They called it Cleora™.

“Through the process of transdermal transfer, Cleora™ is able to efficiently deliver this ancient formula straight to fatty areas and burn stubborn fat.”

“While also suppressing appetite and boosting metabolism.”

“We also added capsicum extract and Japanese mint which enhances these effects due to their natural appetite suppression and metabolism support properties.”

“Making it much more potent!”

- Dr. Lee Ha Yoon

Making A Difference Around The World

When Dr. Lee’s team started running clinical trials with Cleora™, 94.3% of volunteers reported significant improvement within 1 month!

Here’s what some of them had to say:

”I gave birth a year ago, and packed on a lot of pounds because of that. And it’s stressful raising a kid so I end up binge-eating to deal with it.”

“I’ve tried Pilates, Keto, aerobic exercise but nothing worked!”

”A friend of mine recommended Cleora™. All I had to do was stick it on, and went on with my day.”

“I was amazed at the results!”

“In the first week I lost 5lbs. I lost another 15lbs over the next two weeks. By the end of the month, I lost a total of 40lbs!”

“It’s given me a confidence boost! I wish I heard about it sooner.”

- Jenna Johnson, Houston

Since Cleora’s official launch, more than 10,000 people around the world have achieved their dream figure.

If you’ve been struggling to keep the pounds in check give Cleora™ a chance!

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